10 Must-Have Items When Traveling With Your Baby

Traveling with your baby can be both exciting and stressful; having the right items on hand will make the trip less strenuous for both of you, as well as save money in the long run!

Insulated bottle coolers are great ways to keep water bottles cold during a flight, while also having one with a wipe-clean plastic front makes for convenient clean-up! A plastic-backed bib might also come in handy!

1. Baby Carrier

No matter where your travels take you, a baby carrier makes life much simpler when transporting little ones – from airport runs and sightseeing adventures to exploring unfamiliar cities! But the hook on high chairs could also be a much-needed help. Both of them can help soothe unsettled tummies on plane rides!

There are various styles of carriers to suit various needs ranging from wraps to slings, convertibles to backpacks and hybrids – it’s important to find one that best meets both you and your family’s requirements.

Soft-structured carriers (SSCs) are often the go-to choice as they’re usually comfortable to wear for extended periods and suitable for use from newborns through toddlers. Plus, they’re generally more affordable than other carriers! Mei tais can also be great, though their design ties around your waist rather than over your shoulders; though these may take more time and practice to figure out.

2. Travel Crib

Travel cribs are essential when traveling with babies as they provide them with a familiar sleep environment that makes it easier for them to fall and remain asleep during vacation or visits to Grandma’s.

This crib may be more costly than some of its alternatives, but if you travel frequently it could be well worth your while. With its weatherproof bag protecting it from punctures and rips during travel, setting up this crib at home a week or two prior to travel can help familiarise them to sleeping in it – plus bring an old fitted sheet and blanket from home will ensure it smells familiar!

The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light is the lightest option, weighing only 7.4 lbs when folded down into its bag and folding down to become roughly the size of a large backpack. While this crib lacks side zipper access like its Guava Family Lotus or Phil & Ted counterparts, its extremely compact design and hands-free bag feature are key advantages over them.

3. First-Aid Kit

Have a first aid kit ready when traveling with your baby is essential, as it will assist in treating any bumps, bruises, infections or other ailments they might sustain during their trip.

Ring-binder designs make it simple to locate the item you need quickly, then pack up again when finished. Plus, extra-large sleeve pockets offer storage solutions for medical documents related to allergies or other specific medical needs.

Note that an effective first-aid kit will only serve its intended purpose if you understand its contents, so it’s vital that you read up on its use regularly (including getting rid of expired medicines and replacing sticky bandages), so this one makes an ideal travel bag addition in case unexpected accidents arise.

4. Bottles & Sippy Cups

Sippy cups can help transition your baby from bottle to regular cup more smoothly, avoid spills as their motor coordination improves, and prevent any potential chomping or chewing on hard parts like the spout or straw. Look for one with two handles and a weighted bottom so they stay upright as your child learns how to hold and lift their cup.

Seek out soft silicone spouts that emulate the feel of bottle nippling without endangering gums and teeth. Spoutless cups like the 360 Trainer Cup from NUK may make transitioning easier for babies as they switch over to regular open-top cups later.

Be mindful that you vary the cup your toddler uses, as overuse of sippy cups may result in crookedness and slower oral skill development. Let them explore using regular beakers first before transitioning to lidded beakers before giving a sippy cup as an option.

5. Baby Blanket

An infant blanket can make traveling by plane, car or bus more comfortable for your infant by providing comforting warmth during their journey and aiding sleep onboard.

Receiving blankets are extremely comfortable and soft, which will help your baby remain warm during travel! Plus, if necessary, using one as an ice pack could also prove helpful!

A muslin blanket is constructed from soft, parent-approved material and ideal for both babies and toddlers. They’re machine washable, lightweight, machine-swaddleable, machine-wainable, machine-drillable, machine-dryable and ideal for travel swaddling! You can even purchase travel blankets with pockets on their back that go over seat tray tables to keep snacks, drinks, toys in easy reach during long flights – perfect! Or you could look into finding an adorable minky blanket made specifically designed to comfort both babies and toddlers – you might find something perfect!

6. Inflatable Tub

Travel can be messy for babies, so keeping essentials like baby wipes, an extra diaper and clothing handy can help ease any unexpected accidents that arise during travel. Keeping wipes, an extra diaper and an outfit handy allows for speedy clean-up after any mishaps occur.

Babies thrive on routine, which makes traveling with them challenging at times. Bath time can become especially hectic when staying in hotels and holiday rentals without bathtubs. An inflatable baby tub provides the ideal solution!

This adorable Froggie-themed travel bathtub is easy to set up and take down for transporting, featuring an easy inflation/deflation mechanism and safety disk that alerts when water temperatures become too hot. Perfect for babies up to 20 lbs, and most hotel sinks, making this travel tub an excellent option when going on road trips.

7. Nursing Cover

An essential item for breastfeeding moms on the go, nursing covers allow mothers to breastfeed in public even in less-than-ideal surroundings and protect your bustline from being exposed or make you feel hot and exposed. Look for full coverage covers that won’t show off your bustline.

Wipes are an all-in-one item that’s useful in many scenarios: sticky hands and faces, accidental spills, runny noses and more. Consider Hello Bello travel-sized wipes which feature snap closure to prevent drying out over time.

Keep a spare bottle handy if you intend to breastfeed; in case of delays or your baby being unwell while traveling. A waterproof reusable wet bag may come in handy too; Bumkins’ brand is easy to carry and machine-washable while folding up compactly for storage purposes.

8. Spare Bottles

No matter whether you use formula or breast milk, make sure you pack extra bottles. While these bottles can always be sterilized once at your destination, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Traveling with an extra bottle is especially essential if traveling to hot destinations. A thirsty baby can dehydrate quickly, and offering them some chilled water may save their life.

However, you could bring along a thermos of hot boiled water from home to save time and reduce stress on a long travel day as well as ensure your baby remains hydrated during flight or car ride. You should also make sure you bring extra bibs just in case anything spills over or drools onto clothing; and consider packing muslin nursing covers which provide discreet breastfeeding solutions on-the-go!

9. Sun Hat

Babies can be especially susceptible to sunburn, making a stylish sun hat an essential item on any trip that will include outdoor activity. A UPF fabric-lined breathable sun hat should provide adequate sun protection and shield your baby’s delicate skin from UV rays.

If your baby or toddler tends to lose their hat during outdoor activities, bring along a chin strap. This will keep their head covered even when winds pick up or they become extra active; many come equipped with an additional safety feature such as breakaway “no choke” clips for extra security.

This adorable hat features two sides of vibrant colors with vibrant prints for UPF 50+ protection. Additionally, there is a tie fastening chin strap and available sizes from newborn to toddler. Plus its material is lightweight and quick-drying!

10. Baby Toys

Maintaining baby happiness while traveling is paramount, and there are plenty of travel toys tailored specifically to their development, such as developing fine motor skills and grasp strength.

As soon as newborns come home from the hospital, be sure to give them something interesting like this stacking toy with its colorful design and variety of textures to keep their attention. Newborns love rattles or noisy toys with high contrast colors – ideal options.

By this age, babies are typically sitting up and ready to explore their environment with toys. Melissa & Doug Take-Along Shape Sorter is an ideal option for this age range that doesn’t require batteries.

This mushroom teether is an indispensable travel essential. Not only is it entertaining, it soothes a fussy baby while being easy to clean. Plus, its convenient attachment system means it won’t go missing while flying!