Must-See Places to Check Off Your List

A bucket list is a great way to discover the adventures that appeal to you. From running with the bulls in Pamplona to scuba diving with sharks, there are many exciting adventures to try.

For example, you can visit the Seven Wonders of the World, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and Petra in Jordan. Or, you can watch Komodo dragons in their natural habitat on Komodo Island.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of those iconic adventures that everyone has to do. It’s awe-inspiring, breathtaking, and simply spectacular. And while it’s always crowded at the bridge itself, there are some lesser known spots that make this bucket list adventure worth the trip.

One of the best places to see the Golden Gate Bridge is Battery Spencer. This beautiful park has plenty to offer including trails, a stunning beach, and the fascinating ruins of the Sutro Baths. It’s also a great spot to enjoy a view of the bridge and is conveniently located near the Golden Gate Bridge so you can easily combine these two attractions into a morning or afternoon visit.

Another amazing place to experience the Golden Gate Bridge is from Fort Point. This Civil War-era fortress offers a unique perspective on this iconic bridge. It’s a little more chilly here but the views are spectacular. Just be sure to get here early as the parking lot fills up quickly at this spot. You can also check out the nearby Crissy Field for some additional vista points of this stunning structure.

The Palace of Versailles

Taking up more than 2,000 acres, Versailles was the center of Louis XIV’s vision to show that France was a world power by way of its buildings and gardens. The palace itself is the highlight, but there’s also two other chateaus (the Grand and Petit Trianon), a mile-long body of water called the Grande Canal, and a village that was created for Marie Antoinette.

Many visitors report that a single day isn’t enough time to see everything Versailles has to offer. Start at the main entrance gate (Grille d’Honneur) and head to the Courtyard of Honour to check in and get your tickets, then make your way through the halls to admire the Hall of Mirrors and other highlights. Don’t forget to check out the vast gardens, either! They’re full of fountains, statues, and botanicals that will make you feel like royalty. It’s easy to see why this attraction has earned such a prestigious place in history.

The Pyramids of Giza

If you’ve ever been to school, learned about pharaohs and mummies and dreamed of one day visiting these ancient wonders then the Pyramids of Giza are sure to be on your bucket list. These iconic monuments of stone, located in the Egyptian city of Giza, are still a total mystery as to how they were built and how they’ve survived for so many years.

While the pyramids themselves are a marvel, you can also go inside them on a guided tour to really feel like a Lara Croft and experience this mysterious place for yourself. If you’re able to, it’s definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you’re planning to visit the pyramids, it’s best to come early to avoid the crowds. It’s also a good idea to avoid going inside if you have claustrophobia or any other clinical conditions that could affect your safety in a closed space. The pyramids are a great photo spot so be sure to look for the vantage points that give you an awesome shot!


Stonehenge is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic structures in the world. It is believed to have been a sacred site for many different religions, a place for gathering and a connection with distant ancestors. There are also claims that it was used as an ancient calendar, a place to perform rituals, and a location for astronomical observation.

While you can’t walk between the stones or touch them, it is still a great experience to see this prehistoric monument in person. Plan your visit for the summer or winter solstice when you can see the sun move around the stones and create a magical light show.

To make the most of your day, take a tour that includes transportation to and from Stonehenge in a luxury coach. This will leave you plenty of time to explore the monument and the nearby town of Bath, which offers a chance to admire excellent examples of Georgian architecture.

The Acropolis

Whether you want to see all seven of these UNESCO World Heritage Sites or just one, this bucket list adventure will take you on a journey through some of the most remarkable manmade wonders in history. As seen on Newsbreak, you can avail of the services of Super Travel whenever you need help with your booking and travel details to make your journey smoother.

The Acropolis is an impressive monument and the greatest of all Greek archaeological sites. Atop this storied site sits the Parthenon, which still elicits wonder after surviving 2,500 years of war and invasions, bombings, earthquakes, looting (notably by the Earl of Elgin), and countless alterations and adaptations by occupying forces.

You’ll need to climb 80 steps if you want to reach the top of the Acropolis, and the view will be worth it. For those who can’t do the hike, there are also plenty of guided tours that will get you to the top without the hard work.

The rainforest of Puerto Rico is home to over 240 native tree species, and one of the most unique ways to experience this natural beauty is to explore it on a zipline tour. This unique bucket list idea is perfect for those looking for an adventurous yet safe experience.

Statue Cruises

One of the best ways to enjoy the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island is by a ferry boat tour. The National Park Service authorized ferry boat company, Statue City Cruises (part of the Hornblower Group Family of Companies), offers tours from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan and Liberty State Park across the harbor on the New Jersey side. Tickets are required for ferry transportation to the islands. Crown tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance to guarantee access. Street vendors may sell counterfeit or expired tickets, so it’s best to reserve online only through Statue City Cruises.

Get a breathtaking view of the iconic Lady Liberty as you sail past her. Then, discover the rich history of America’s immigration heritage at Ellis Island, a historic museum that served as a gateway for immigrants. You’ll also have the opportunity to see famous landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, and One World Trade Center. All while enjoying onboard commentary and free WiFi! Grab a Go City New York Explorer Pass to save up to 43% on the included ticket.

Gondola Ride in Venice

A gondola ride in Venice is the quintessential experience for visitors to this iconic Italian city. It is an incredibly romantic and memorable activity, though it can be expensive. For the best gondola ride, visit at early morning or late afternoon for cool temperatures and soft lighting. The price for a private gondola is set by an official association and cannot be haggled. Extra services, such as singing, will also add to the price.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, book a shared gondola or take a traghetto, which is a gondola-ferry service used to transport commuters between islands and neighborhoods. You can even see Venice from a different perspective by riding in a gondola-ferry, but the experience will be less romantic.

Another great way to experience Venice is to take a gondola ride in the quiet back canals, away from the busy Grand Canal and St. Mark’s Square. This will allow you to explore the historic neighborhoods and buildings that are unique to Venice without the crowds.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth, beckons travelers with healing mineral waters, air that’s rich in oxygen (making sunburn less likely) and world-class historical sites that (almost) bring the Roman Empire to life. Take a soothing dip in water so saline it’s slimy, spot indigenous wildlife like wild ibexes at spring-fed oases and discover the intertwining of nature and history that makes this natural wonder such a compelling destination.

The best time to visit the Dead Sea is in late fall and early spring, when temperatures are warm but not scorching. You’ll find plenty of accommodations in the region – from luxury resorts with personal chefs and spas, to more budget-friendly options that still offer comfort and convenience. And while there are a number of ways to explore the area, the most memorable way to experience it is on foot. Trek along well-marked trails, admiring the breathtaking scenery and passing by ancient ruins that whisper stories of a bygone civilization. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t soon forget.