good health

What Does Good Health Really Mean?

Try browsing the internet for one minor symptom and you’re likely going to get loads of articles telling you what’s wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being concerned with your health. You depend on your body so much to physically do the things that you do every day. So, making sure that you are on peak health at all times is very important.

Still, with all the things that the internet could show you about the symptoms that you may be feeling, it’s so easy to jump to the wrong conclusions. It does help when you have an idea of what it means to be in good health. While it may be different for every person, there are general indications that your body is in the right state.

Resting heart rate is good.

Not everybody pays attention to their heart rate, with most only doing so when they have to go visit a doctor. The rate of your resting heart depends considerably on your level of fitness as well as your age. Generally, children over 10 and adults should have a rate of 60-100 beats per minute when they are resting. Athletes, especially well-trained ones, may have a 40-60 bpm.

Lips aren’t dry or cracked.

Chapped lips aren’t just uncomfortable, they can be a bit unsightly to see. Fortunately, it’s rarely a symptom of some underlying health problem. For some people though, the condition can be persistent especially if they are suffering from a vitamin deficiency or if they aren’t properly dehydrated. When your lips look full and hydrated, it’s a good indication that your body is getting enough vitamins and water

Pee is of the right hue.

Your urine can easily change its color range, depending on how much water you have been drinking or when you’re not feeling too well. You’ll know that you won’t have anything to worry about when your pee is within the normal color range. It could be as light as pale yellow or a little colored as deep amber. Anything beyond that and you probably have some underlying health condition that needs addressing.

Wounds heal fast.

It’s normal to get scrapes and cuts at some point. Sure, they may hurt but what you should be paying more attention to is how quick they heal. Wounds go through three processes to completely heal. There’s usually a stage of inflammation to make sure that infection is prevented from setting in, followed by new cell formation or the formation of scabs. The third process is when the scar tissue develops to complete the healing process. Lesser healing time means a healthier body. If it takes more than three weeks for your wounds to heal, there may be a need for you to seek out medical attention.

Clear skin.

As the skin is the largest body organ, it can reveal so many things about the state of your overall health. A good indication that you are in good health is when your skin is evenly-colored, has a smooth texture, is well hydrated and has normal sensations.

Stable weight.

With the fitness trend kicking in a few years back, there seems to be so much pressure on shedding some pounds. Maintaining the appropriate weight in relation to your height and age should be your goal instead. Keeping a stable weight means you have fewer chances of getting a stroke, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even various cancers.