Why You Should Seriously Consider Traveling to Auckland Plus Beginner Tips

When most people think of Auckland they think of the many festivals, events, and celebrations it is hosting each year. However, many don’t realize the history that the city holds for those who are planning a trip to New Zealand’s biggest city.

The history dates back more than two thousand years to the arrival of the Maori tribe, who would settle on the shores of the Lake Te Anau in what is now Auckland. They made their home in the north-eastern corner of the lake and from there they made weapons, clothing, and even fire in the form of a stove they used to cook their food.

In the years following the arrival of the Maori, life on the island became much harsher as the island was colonized. The British would introduce many laws and restrictions on the native people and would ban them from fishing, harvesting, or using the lands for anything else.

Maori warriors were sent to war with the British and they brought with them skills that they used to make their weapons and implements. Many of these items have survived and are on display in museums around the country. However, despite all the destruction, the Maori culture did endure and this can be seen in the arts and crafts of the day.

One of the most impressive things you can see in the museums in Auckland is a five-thousand-year-old canoe believed to be one of the largest artworks ever completed by a human being. It sits proudly on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, one of the largest lakes in the world. The canoe is made from black core wood and has a timber frame and is about seven meters long.

Its right side has been carved out to accommodate a man who sits on the back but the front is empty except for a paddle. Its name is Ol Pehu. Another piece of ancient art you will find in the museums in Auckland is a carving of a large bird, believed to be a black kite. The bird is topped with a feathered hat of feathers and it sits proudly on its four feet as it sits looking into the distance.

This carving was made by one of the most skillful Maori artisans in the area and it would have been created around two thousand years ago. Another carving that you would like to see is that of a large turtle that was found under a large log while the owner was trying to get some work done at his new farm on the North Island. For West Auckland, check out this user-friendly website that offers informative guides.

Now if you were to tour through the North and South Islands of New Zealand, you would encounter many amazing coastal caves that were home to a unique tribe of Paleolithic people. There is one particular cave called Hake’s cave. This is a much popular tourist spot because the caves hold evidence of what the original people would have used for shelter thousands of years ago.

In addition to this, you would also come across the remains of ancient forts and other fortifications that were once part of the larger network of forts around the island. Some of the forts were larger than twenty thousand square feet and they included some of the original houses of the Maori people.

You will also find that the caves in the area house amazing rock formations. One of these formations is called the Helles Rock and it is made out of a formation of igneous rock. If you are lucky enough to be able to spend a little time there, you will find that this is one of the best places to go while in the area because it is easy to get to and you can view the beauty of the rocks from the shoreline.

Another thing that you will enjoy about your travel to Auckland is that the weather is pleasant most of the year. The exception is the spring when the weather can become a little extreme, but for the most part, the weather remains pleasant the entire year. You will also find that you will easily be able to find accommodation in the city of Auckland.

There are plenty of different kinds of hotels that you can choose from which offer you plenty of different things to do while you are staying there. You can find a luxury hotel that offers you many amenities, or you can find a more basic hotel that offers you just the basics.

Either way, you should be able to find an accommodation option to suit your needs and the kind of things that you are interested in seeing while you are in the area. When you are looking at why travel to Auckland, you may be interested in learning more about the ancient history of the island. If so, you can learn about some of the exciting artifacts that have been found on the island.

The site that is featured in the book, “Auckland: A Saga of the Long goodbye” is actually the remains of one of the world’s first cities. Learn about some of the other interesting sites that you can visit while you are there and take advantage of some of the beautiful ancient sites that are featured in the book.